Chapter Affiliation Problem Fixed: For State and Chapter Leaders

From National NOW:

We are happy to report that the ability to affiliate with a chapter when joining NOW and renewing membership has been restored to the website.

When recruiting new members, you may direct them to, and have them select your chapter from the drop down menu on that page. Renewing members may go to and do the same.

As was previously the case, both of these pages are accessible from the homepage of the website; members and potential members will be able to easily navigate to these pages, even if you do not speak with them directly.

Indiana NOW is excited about this fix–we hope this will help all of our chapters across the state gain more members, more easily!

Contact us with any questions or concerns via the comments!

Feminist Reading Lists, #1: From National NOW

Welcome to our first post in Indiana NOW’s reading list blog series! 

One of the frequent types of posts you’ll see on our blog are reading lists or book reviews, on feminist works. We believe that reading feminist theory, fiction, memoir, etc. helps all of us to continue cultivating and expanding our feminism.

We hope that you will enjoy these suggestions–tell us in the comments if you have any others!

National NOW’s Back to School Reading List

We’re celebrating back-to-school season with an exciting collection of feminist reads! Now is a great time to brush up on your intersectional feminism by diving into a new book. From classics to new releases, thought-provoking theory to riveting memoir, we’re sure you’ll want to add a few of these to your reading list.

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ACTION ALERT: NOW’s Visions for Equality Campaign

From National NOW’s National Action Program

No singular experience can capture social justice in the U.S. Race, religion, ethnicity, age, class, sexuality: the unique identities we encompass shape our place in society and more importantly–how we define equality. 

NOW’s Visions for Equality Campaign is dedicated to capturing the vast spectrum of images and stories, informed by the unique experiences of women across the country and sharing them with the world. Visions for Equality is about uniting people who experience gender discrimination in all of its iterations–and together voicing a demand for constitutional gender equity.

In honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, we are asking all of our activists to come together and submit their own interpretation of equality.

How Do You Picture A World Moved By Justice And Equity?

On this day, National NOW will dedicate all of our social media posts to your visions. For 24 hours we will post each and every Vision you send us to Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #V4E . We want to ensure that every voice is heard and that every single person is given the opportunity be seen.

Submitting your Vision is easy! Simply take a picture holding your idea of equality and email it to For a step-by-step guide on submissions, click click here.

Want to attend an event near you? Click here for more activities and actions around this momentous occasion.