Chapter Affiliation Problem Fixed: For State and Chapter Leaders

From National NOW:

We are happy to report that the ability to affiliate with a chapter when joining NOW and renewing membership has been restored to the website.

When recruiting new members, you may direct them to, and have them select your chapter from the drop down menu on that page. Renewing members may go to and do the same.

As was previously the case, both of these pages are accessible from the homepage of the website; members and potential members will be able to easily navigate to these pages, even if you do not speak with them directly.

Indiana NOW is excited about this fix–we hope this will help all of our chapters across the state gain more members, more easily!

Contact us with any questions or concerns via the comments!

Register for our state conference now!

Please join us at our annual state conference on September 23rd at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful!


Check back for a more thorough agenda for the day!

Some things to note:
–Registration starts at 8:30am
–Conference begins at 9am with Indiana NOW business.
–First session/activity begins at 9:30am-9:45am

ACTION ALERT for tomorrow at 12:30: Call to Stop Amy Coney Barrett

Thanks to the Younger Women’s Task Force of Greater Lafayette (YWTF) and the Alliance for Justice, Indiana NOW is becoming a part of the effort to block Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination. As YWTF explained in their post about the call:

Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett – a Notre Dame Law professor with no judicial experience, limited courtroom experience, and plenty of dangerous ideas about the role of religion and the law, reproductive rights, criminal justice, and more – to fill a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit…According to Barrett, judges should put their religion above the law and can ignore vital precedents like Roe v. Wade and those establishing critical workers’ rights. She has criticized the Miranda doctrine, which requires police to inform those arrested of their rights, including their right to an attorney; is known for her conviction that life begins at conception, and has blasted the Supreme Court for creating a system of “abortion on demand;” and believes in an extreme form of “originalism” when interpreting the Constitution which would take us back to the 18th century. This nomination threatens so many of the critical issues we’ve fought so hard for: reproductive justice, criminal justice, and workers’ rights, the advances in basic civil rights for people of color, women, and LGBTQ people.

Join us tomorrow for a call with more details on why we need to stop Barrett, and for specifics on HOW we can stop her!

Date: Wednesday, August 30

Time: 12:00 p.m. EST

RSVP here: 

Feminist Reading Lists, #1: From National NOW

Welcome to our first post in Indiana NOW’s reading list blog series! 

One of the frequent types of posts you’ll see on our blog are reading lists or book reviews, on feminist works. We believe that reading feminist theory, fiction, memoir, etc. helps all of us to continue cultivating and expanding our feminism.

We hope that you will enjoy these suggestions–tell us in the comments if you have any others!

National NOW’s Back to School Reading List

We’re celebrating back-to-school season with an exciting collection of feminist reads! Now is a great time to brush up on your intersectional feminism by diving into a new book. From classics to new releases, thought-provoking theory to riveting memoir, we’re sure you’ll want to add a few of these to your reading list.

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